Container adapted as transformer center

The Adapted EmPowerRental Containers are containers ISO 10, 20 and 40 foot are adapted to house any type transformers.


Multiple combinations supported either MV transformers cubicles on LV switches.


Multiple Solutions

Encapsulated in epoxy resin (dry)
submerged in coolant (oil ,silicone or Midel)

Input VoltageVoltage Output
containedAdapted02 3 kV 400 V
6 kV 400 V
12 kV 400 V
24 kV 500 V
36 kV s/ trafo
Power up 4000 kVA’s

They are offered either on a rental or on buy basis and tailored to customer needs.


  • Power Transformers up to 4000kVA, either dry, oil, silicone or Midel.
  • Several combinations MV|LV cabinet to suit client requirements
  • Flexible rental terms.
  • Voltage level up to 36 kV. 
  • Schneider Ring Master Range c/w V.P 300  O/L + E/F self powered relay
  • Forced ventilation by fan. 
  • Possibility to install LT breaker, load switch, isolator transformer or direct connection. 
  • Transformer protection by temperature with programmable digital thermometer. 

 Specialists in assembly and maintenance of medium voltage electrical installations

Empower Rental has a vocation to serve builders, installers and / or engineers, who need highly skilled professionals to carry out any electrical installation MT or LT but especially in Medium voltage facilities. 

Our service policy prepare us to provide the best customer care. In this time of permanent change and uncertainty, it is more necessary than ever to offer our professional team at a reasonable price. 

The services we offer are:

  • Mounts processing plants, cogeneration plants, substations, etc ... 
  • Reviews of medium voltage equipment and qualified personnel. 
  • Replacement of joints in power transformer insulating liquid. 
  • Filtering oil for regeneration and drying it. 
  • Industry certified and trusted projects. 
  • Thermography. 
  • 24 hours urgent breakdown services.

Transformer assemblies, cogeneration plants and substations.
Empower Rental’s staff have extensive experience in assembly, either masonry or existing centres with SF-6 cells.
Reassemble all the centres, measurement equipment, cogeneration plants, wind farms, pumps, etc ...
In addition, our staff is trained and authorized by Fecsa Endesa, for the realization of this work as well as terminations and splices of any type and tension.
Also, we work on low-voltage connections such as connections, lighting, ships, etc ...


Reviews of medium voltage equipment and qualified personnel.

For years, preventive examinations medium voltage have changed much. We have adapted to the real needs of each client on each era. 

The medium voltage department is made ​​up of people with extensive experience in the industry, who have expertise in all kinds of protection, such as direct and indirect relays, electronic devices and PLC control.


Circuit breakers, we can check from ancient to modern oil by SF-6 or vacuum, making the special oil and served on testing bench.